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Yuri's Night - Celebrating Yuri Gagarin and the Space Shuttle Columbia

Topic: Party

Date: April 12

Location: Various Cities, US,

On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin was the first human to see the Earth from space -- to realize its awesome and fragile beauty. Yuri did not see lines demarcating countries or the conflicts between people. He did not see our problems or our achievements. What he saw was a magnificent planet, a tiny oasis in space, the home that we all share. 0 years later to the day, the US launched its first Space Shuttle, Columbia, and opened the door to space even wider.  Many cosmonauts and astronauts have now returned from space with a new awareness of how small the Earth really is, how important it is to protect it, and how we must put aside our differences and work together to live in peace.  It is this spirit of space, the possibility of cooperation among nations to explore, learn, and be inspired, that we commemorate with Yuri's Night.

The loss of Columbia - the first Space Shuttle orbiter - on 01 February 2003 was a powerful reminder to us all of the risks inherent to space flight.  But with those risks come great rewards.  

People of the world, join together and celebrate!  April 12th marks the anniversary of the dawn of a new era.  And now it falls to our generation to make the next mark on the pages of human history.

Peace, Love, Space,

Loretta Hidalgo and George Whitesides, Co-Creators

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