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NASA Advisory Council Meeting

Date: 09/14/04 - 09/15/04

Location: NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, US,

Editor's note: The following "RTQ" was provided by NASA Headquarters:

1. The usual quarterly meeting of the NASA Advisory Council will not take place as planned on September 14-15.  Instead, the NAC will use this time to address internal administrative matters associated with transforming the Agency's advisory committee.

2. NASA is working on plans to restructure the NAC for the future.  The current advisory committee structure, established to meet the requirements of the agency's former internal organization, is outdated.  The Agency has now been streamlined to effectively implement the Vision for Space Exploration.  The NAC will use this time to address the administrative and personnel issues associated with transforming itself to continue to provide valuable advice on relevant topics to the NASA Administrator.

3. The NAC is not meeting secretly.  It will be meeting in administrative session.  There will be no discussion or deliberation of substantive issues that could lead to advice or recommendations to the Agency at this time.  Rather, the discussion will be limited to administrative matters which are not of interest to the public.  Any development of recommendations for NASA will occur in a meeting open to public attendance pursuant to Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) regulations and announced in the Federal Register with the required 15 days notice.

4. A meeting schedule for the remainder of 2004 as well as 2005 will be announced once the administrative issues of transforming NASA's advisory committee structure are addressed.

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