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GPS and Other Radionavigation Satellites

Topic: GPS and Other Radionavigation Satellites

Date: January 28-31, 2013

Location: 8320 Benson Dr. , Columbia, US, 21045

If present plans materialize, 128 radionavigation satellites will soon be installed along the space frontier. They will be owned and operated by six different countries hoping to capitalize on the financial success of the GPS constellation. In this popular four-day short course Tom Logsdon describes in detail how these various radionavigation systems work and reviews the many practical benefits they are slated to provide to military and civilian users around the globe. Logsdon will explain how each radionavigation system works and how to use it in various practical situations. Each section of the course includes real-world explanations and examples using published inputs from the literature and from the instructor's personal and professional experiences. Instructor: For more than 30 years, Thomas S. Logsdon, has conducted broadranging studies on orbital mechanics at McDonnell Douglas, Boeing Aerospace, and Rockwell International His key research projects have included Project Apollo, the Skylab capsule, the nuclear flight stage and the GPS radionavigation system. Mr. Logsdon has taught 300 short course and lectured in 31 different countries on six continents. He has written 40 technical papers and journal articles and 29 technical books including Striking It Rich in Space, Orbital Mechanics: Theory and Applications, Understanding the Navstar, and Mobile Communication Satellites. Name * Val Travers Company * ATI Courses Job Title * course coordinator Email * Phone * 4109568805

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