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Target NEO 2 Workshop

Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Location: National Academy of Sciences Bldg. 2101 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, DC, US,

Key Focus: Explore and address the technical issues regarding the identification and characterization of a target required to support the Asteroid Retrieval Mission (ARM).

These technical issues include questions articulated by the NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group with community input, which will be posted at:

Purpose: Ensure the collective technical opinions of experts in fields pertinent to both robotic and human exploration of NEOs are heard and documented.

Outcome: Public Report

Session Descriptions:

NASA's New Asteroid Initiative Overview - Context, Target Costraints and Tolerances

- Characterizing the Small (< 10 m) NEA Population - Orbits, Physical Properties, Compositions, Uncertainties

- Finding ARM Targets - Current Capabilities (Ground-based, Space-based) and Gaps

- ARM Design Challenges - Proximity Operations, Post-mission Safety, Alternatives

- Investigation of Return-on-Investment - Science Augmentation, Follow-on Missions

- Summary - Techical Issues Resolved, Activity Required to Address Unresolved TIs

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