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NASA FISO Telecon: A Crewed Mars Exploration Architecture Using Fly-by and Return Trajectories

Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Location: University of Texas Austin, Austin, TX, US,

Our Wednesday, April 8, Future In-Space Operations (FISO) telecon colloquium will host Cesar Ocampo (Odyssey Space Research/NASA JSC) and Damon Landau (NASA JPL), who will speak on "A Crewed Mars Exploration Architecture Using Fly-by and Return Trajectories."       


As always, the colloquium will be at 3pm ET. And please note that there is a new dial-in number for the colloquium as NASA has migrated to a new service: TEL: 844 467 4685 PC: 442398


The speaker's presentation will be posted on the FISO server at the University of Texas by noon the day of the colloquium:


Please note that we are audio-recording the colloquia and archiving the recordings with the presentation materials.


Have a good week,


Harley Thronson

Senior Scientist for Advanced Concepts

Astrophysics Science Division

Science and Exploration Directorate

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


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