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Access to Space: Holistic Capacity Building for the 21st Century

Date: 3-7 September

Location: Institute of Communication Networks and Satellite Communications, Graz, AT, Inffeldgasse 12

At its Fifty-ninth Session in June 2016, the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space endorsed seven thematic priorities for the implementation of UNISPACE+50, including "Capacity-building for the twenty-first century" (Thematic Priority 7 of UNISPACE+50, TP7) which is the most cross-cutting aspect of the initiative. Member States seek to define new innovative and effective approaches to overall capacity-building and development needs as a fundamental pillar of global space governance

The Symposium will build around innovative approaches to capacity-building in the space sector, including the need to measure progress and development. The determination of the long term impact of an activity can be a challenging task but can be overcome by creating a set of standardized set of Space Capabilities indicators covering all space related domains and applications and will provide orientation to countries in the evaluation of their capabilities and their prioritization. Therefore, this set of indicators becomes a key decision support tool for countries in space related matters. It could also serve the Office for Outer Space Affairs to measure the impact of its activities and can help propose targeted initiatives by identifying gaps or areas of improvement.

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