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6th ELSI International Symposium Building Bridges from Earth to Life: From Chemical Mechanism to Ancient Biology

Date: Monday, January 8, 2018

Location: Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP,

Local Time: January 9th-11th, 9AM - 5PM (GMT+9)
Pacific Time: January 8th-10th, 4PM - 12AM (GMT-8)
Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Conference website:

Understanding the transition from the Earth’s earliest geochemistry, to the later emergence of life, requires a synthesis of knowledge across an unprecedented range of scales of size, time, and complexity. We need both empirical data, and the ability to synthesize, compute, and reason at levels linking elementary mechanisms in organic geochemistry and catalysis, available energy systems, the assembly and roles of intermediate-scale structures, and reaching all the way to molecular and ecological systems evolutionary biology. Recent advances in several areas bring us close to connecting all the links in a chain needed to reason from micro to macro, from geochemistry to nascent biochemistry. The goal in this symposium is to hold a collaborative conversation, among speakers and participants, to sketch the form of this emerging bridge, and to point out both the most compelling opportunities and the most urgent needs.

Remote Participation:

All talks will be webcast via Livestream on Facebook and Click below to join the webcast:

Online participants will be able to post questions and comments on Facebook. If time allows, we will relay online questions to the speakers during Q&A.

Speaker List:

Haruyuki Atomi (Kyoto University)
Eric Boyd (Montana State University)
Rogier Braakman (MIT)
George Cody (Carnegie Institution for Science)
Donato Giovannelli (ELSI and Rutgers University)
Paul Falkowski (Rutgers University)
Christoph Flamm (University of Vienna)
Masafumi Kameya (ELSI/University of Tokyo)
Marc Koper (University of Leiden)
Yamei Li (ELSI)
Shawn McGlynn (ELSI)
Joseph Moran (University of Strasbourg & CNRS)
Shaunna Morrison (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
Ryuhei Nakamura (ELSI/RIKEN)
Vikas Nanda (Rutgers University)
Takuro Nunoura (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
Marta Ruiz Bermejo (National Institute of Aerospatial Technology)
Hong-Yan Shih (University of Illinois) Everett Shock (Arizona State University)
Everett Shock (Arizona State University)
George Whitesides (Harvard University)

Organizing Committee:

Eric Smith, Irena Mamajanov, Ryuhei Nakamura, Masafumi Kameya Donato Giovannelli, Christopher Butch, Yayoi Hongo, Nancy Merino, Hanako Ricciardi, Asako Sato

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