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Mars Extant Life: What’s Next?

Date: 29 January 2019 - 1 February 2019

Location: Carlsbad, New Mexico, US,

The Mars Extant Life:  What’s Next? conference will focus on understanding and discussing strategies for exploring for extant life on Mars. The program will include broad community discussion of the numerous extant life hypotheses that have been advanced over the years and that have evolved in response to discoveries by on-going Mars missions. Of special interest are hypotheses that can be tested by means of robotic spacecraft sent to Mars, and hypotheses that can be tested with or without the benefit of sample acquisition systems. The four primary questions posited are:
Where would new robotic spacecraft be sent to test for extant life on Mars?
What would they sample?
What would be measured in such samples?
Are there viable strategies that don’t involve sample collection?
A field trip to Carlsbad Caverns will be offered as an illustration of one hypothesis that life may exist in the martian subsurface, possibly accessible via martian caves.
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