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    Mission ISS-2A.2B

    Mission Description:

    Mission ISS-2A.2b/STS-106 was launched on 8 September 2000. The prupose of this flight was the delivery of logistics and supplies to the ISS and maintenance for the FGB. One EVA was performed to make a series of utility connections on the outside of the FGB.

    Cargo Manifest. Note: [numbers] = ISS SE (Subelement) numbers.

    EVA Activities

    Operations Documents

  • International Space Station Operations Checklist, ISS-2A.2A & 2A.2B, Mission Operations Directorate, Operations Division, Final, Revision B, August 15, 2000 [English - Acrobat]

    This document contains detailed procedures for astronauts to follow during docking and egress operations; equipment transfer, installation, and activation; and stowage. This document is 448 pages long and includes detailed diagrams and numerous photographs.

  • International Space Station Ground Handbook Specific ISS-2A.2B, JSC-48516-2A.2B Mission Operations Directorate Operations Division Final, Revision A June 9, 2000 [English - Acrobat] This 215 page document contains procedures to be followed by mission control personnel in Houston (MCC-H) and Moscow (MCC-M) before and during Shuttle approach; during docking and docked operations; and during and after Shuttle departure.

  • International Space Station Malfunction Checklist ISS-2A.2A & 2A.2B, JSC-48501-2A.2A&B, Mission Operations Directorate, Operations Division, Final, Revision B, August 17, 2000 [English - Acrobat] This 500 page document contains on-orbit procedures, ISS system schematics, and hardware photographs for use in dealing with potential malufunctions astronauts might encounter on the ISS.

  • Inflight Maintenance - Intravehicular Activity - Installation/Deinstallation - Flight 2A.2B: SM/FGB.1, Mission Operations Directorate, 9 August 2000 [English - Acrobat] [Russian - Acrobat]

    According to this document's introduction: "this crew procedures book covers 2A.2B Inflight Maintenance Intravehicular Activity Installation/Deinstallation Tasks and contains information for the crew on the inflight maintenance and repair operations. The book contents and presentation format are intended for fully-trained crew members." This 58 page document contains detailed procedures, diagrams, and photographs describing the installation and activation of hardware within the Service Module and the FGB.

  • Russian Segment Operations, 2A.2B Flight, Mission Operations Directorate, 10 August 2000 [English - Acrobat] [Russian - Acrobat]

    "Russian Segment Operations book contains crew procedures for RS onboard systems operation, subject to activation and subsequent deactivation during flight 2A .2B. The book is intended for fully-trained crewmembers. This document may change pending systems modification and procedure validation at simulators and training facilities. Sections from 1 to 1 3 have been developed by RSC-E, step 3.7 have been developed by NASA."

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