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    Mission ISS-4P

    Mission Description:

    Mission ISS-4P will use a Progress-M1 spacecraft (Progress M1-255) to deliver logistics and supplies to the International Space Station. This mission launched on 20 May 2001 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. It will dock with the ISS on 22 May 2001 at 7:22 PM CDT at the aft docking port of the Service ("Zvezda") module. After remaining docked for approximately 67 days, the Progress-M1 will be loaded with items to be disposed, undocked from the ISS, and commanded to perform a destructive reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.


  • 21 May 2001: ISSCOM.015 - 21 May 2001 - Progress-M1-6 Launch, ISSCOM - International Space Station Communications

  • 21 May 2001: Progress M 1-6 Transport Cargo Vehicle Launch to the ISS, RSC Energia

  • 21 May 2001: 1658th successful launch of Soyuz. In flight qualification of Soyuz/ST engines, Starsem

    Cargo Manifest Note: [numbers] = ISS SE (Subelement) numbers.

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