White House to Release New Space Remote Sensing Policy


Editor's note: The White House will release a new National Space Policy on Space Remote Sensing first thing tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. A document has been signed by the President making this the official policy of the U.S. government. this new policy supercedes President Clinton's document dealing with remote sensing (PDD 23 "Foreign Access To Remote Sensing Space Capabilities") signed 9 years ago. Details to follow.

Both this document and a National Space Policy dealing with Space Transportation (including the Space Shuttle) have been under development for the past year. Work on the National Space Transportation Policy was put on hold following the Columbia accident. Development of the new National Space Policy on Space Remote Sensing was put on hold because of the Gulf War.

No word yet as to when the new National Space Transportation Policy will be released although it won't likely be revisited until the CAIB's report has been released. One of the core tenets of this policy has NASA and DoD linked at the hip in a number of areas and makes mention of an "Orbital Space Transport" capability.

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