Alliance Spacesystems Inc. Selected to Enter Negotiations with JPL for Composites Engineering Support Contract

Press Release From: Alliance Spacesystems
Posted: Tuesday, December 17, 2002

ASI will support NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the design and manufacturing of leading-edge composites structures

Alliance Spacesystems Inc. (ASI) announced today that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has selected ASI to enter into negotiations for a five-year task order contract worth up to $10 million to support JPL's needs in the area of composite structures. Under this contract ASI will provide design, engineering, analysis, and fabrication services in support of JPL space flight programs. A key partner with ASI in this effort will be Applied Aerospace Structures Corporation (AASC) who will operate under subcontract to ASI in support of composite fabrication activities.

Rene Fradet, President and CEO of ASI, said today “We are pleased to broaden our contractual relationship with JPL by supporting its successful spaceflight programs. We believe that Alliance Spacesystems along with its partner Applied Aerospace Structures provides JPL an ideal combination of design, analysis, and fabrication capabilities with proven flight history to support its composites needs well into the future.” He also added “This is also a key win for ASI that will provide a broader base to our core capabilities in composite structures design and engineering.” To date, ASI has built and delivered multiple composite structures to both government and commercial customers. ASI has also recently delivered two flight robotic arms to JPL for the upcoming JPL Mars Exploration Rover mission.

About Alliance Spacesystems Inc: ASI is a leading provider of mechanical systems for the most demanding aerospace and commercial applications. ASI provides composite structures, robotics, mechanisms and mechanical analyses for systems operating in extreme environments. ASI's innovative products have seen use in interplanetary spacecraft, telecommunications and scientific satellites and challenging terrestrial applications. Its technical staff has a broad range of direct experience on over eighty space programs ranging from deep-space and Mars missions to numerous low-cost small satellites. The privately held firm's core competencies include space systems engineering, mechanisms, structural and dynamics analysis, structural system design, structural dampers and actuators. See more at

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