Allen Flynt Named NASA Ames Research Center Deputy Center Director

Press Release From: NASA HQ
Posted: Friday, May 30, 2003

G. Allen Flynt was today named deputy director at NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., effective Aug. 3. Flynt comes to Ames from the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston where he served as manager of the Extra- Vehicular Activity (EVA) Project Office.

As Manager of JSC's EVA Project Office, Flynt developed hardware, integration standards, capabilities, services, techniques, templates, and other information necessary to provide spacewalking services to the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs. More recently, Flynt was among the senior NASA officials tasked to help direct debris recovery efforts for the Space Shuttle Columbia in Lufkin, Texas.

"Allen's leadership was vital in the unprecedented cooperation we witnessed between federal, state, and local organizations during the Columbia recovery effort," said NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe, "His management and technology integration experience will be invaluable to our colleagues at Ames."

"Allen brings a wealth of experience from the human space flight community at NASA," added Dr. Jeremiah F. Creedon, Associate Administrator for the Office of Aerospace Technology at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "He's clearly demonstrated a capacity to conquer management challenges. Scott Hubbard knows he's fortunate to have a proven leader on his Ames management team."

Flynt began his NASA career in 1986 as an analyst in the National Space Transportation System program control office at JSC. He next worked as an analyst in the Orbiter Project Office before moving on to serve in the Space Shuttle program control arena. He managed the extra-vehicular activity mobility unit project from 1992 until 1995 and has held various leadership and management roles in the International Space Station Program and EVA Project offices.

"I am delighted to have Allen join us as part of the senior management team at NASA Ames," said Ames Center Director G. Scott Hubbard. "This appointment and Allen's expertise and perspective provide us with a tremendous opportunity to develop a closer working relationship between the human space flight and research and technology worlds."

"I am honored and excited by this opportunity to take on this important new leadership assignment at a premier NASA research facility such as Ames," said Flynt. "I am very optimistic that this will open up new avenues for collaboration, partnership and technology infusion into NASA missions."

Flynt holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, and has been honored with numerous awards. Those awards include the NASA Exceptional Achievement medal, the Victor Prather award, outstanding and superior performance awards, and the "Silver Snoopy," which is presented by the astronaut corps for outstanding service.

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