CSI Praises New Space Exploration Agenda Pledges Private Capital to Help Make it Happen

Press Release From: Constellation Services International
Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2004

Constellation Services International, Inc. (CSI), an entrepreneurial space company, today strongly endorsed the new human space exploration initiative announced by President George W. Bush at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

"NASA should lead a free humanity beyond the shallow waters of Earth orbit to the Moon and eventually Mars and the asteroids," said Charles E. Miller, the Chief Executive Officer of CSI. "The key challenge is affordability - America's private sector can help the U.S. Government achieve this vision by providing low-cost commercial transportation services."

Among the detailed plans unveiled today are an early phase-out of the Space Shuttle and focusing the ISS program on supporting exploration of the Moon and Mars. Part of the plan to pay for the Moon-Mars program is to create savings from the Shuttle and ISS programs.

"This increases the need for much less expensive ways to deliver cargo to the International Space Station" said Thomas Moser, former NASA Space Station Program Director and CSI's VP for Programs.

"CSI has already invested significant private capital working with NASA to develop our low-cost LEO ExpressSM Space Cargo Service. We are ready to step up and help NASA and its international partners achieve their research goals at the Space Station, and to help them affordably move into the solar system," said Miller. CSI was founded in 1998 as a commercial space services company and is currently focused on space station resupply. CSI leads an industrial team that is currently under contract to NASA's Alternate Access to Station program to define evolutionary capabilities of the LEO ExpressTM system, and successfully completed a NASA System Design Review in July of 2003.

CSI has offices in Alexandria, VA, Los Angeles, CA, and Houston, TX.. For more information on CSI or the LEO ExpressSM Space Cargo Service, visit our World Wide Web site at, or send an e-mail request to

"LEO Express" is a trademark and service mark of Constellation Services International, Inc., 4539 Seminary Road, Suite 101, Alexandria, VA 22304.

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