NASA Astronauts Honor Kennedy Space Center Employees

Press Release From: Kennedy Space Center
Posted: Thursday, October 7, 2004

Kennedy Space Center recently honored 71 of its civil service and contractor employees with the Honoree Award, the highest form of recognition bestowed upon an employee by the NASA Space Flight Awareness Program. Recipients are selected for their professional dedication and outstanding achievement in support of the human space flight program.

The KSC employees were among approximately 300 NASA, industry and international partner employees from around the world who were honored by top NASA and industry leaders for their significant contributions to the nation's Space Program.

The honorees attended a special reception in their honor, and were joined by astronauts and senior NASA and industry officials of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station team. They were given a VIP tour of the Kennedy Space Center and participated in various briefings.

Sixteen service employees were honored: Sandra C. Bodiford, Dr. Luz Marina Calle, Michael J. Carney, Christopher K. Davis, John A. Goodrich, Mary D. Hall, John J. Kiriazes, Paul D. Kirkpatrick, Joseph E. Madden, Wayne R. Martin, Mark A. Mason, Damon A. Nelson, Yvonne L. Petty, James D. Quinn, Krista K. Shaffer and Joel L. Wells, Jr.

Boeing NASA Systems employees who were honored include Lewis W. Adam, Douglas T. Colbary, Jennifer G. Crow, Michael P. Dahm, Matthew J. Fields, Robert F. Masson, Kenneth J. Mayer, Robert C. Reuter, Douglas M. Rohde, Lincoln J. Salvador, Deiter W. Semder, James O. Smith and Eve L. Starvos.

Space Gateway Support employees who were honored were Charles R. Dean, Michael L. Denyer, H. Peter Engel (Wyle Corporation) Robert W. Griffith, Leigh A. Johnson, Robert W. Knuutila, Norbert W. Kuhman, Michael C. Le Blanc, Kenneth W. Miller, Jesse T. Parramore, Nicholas J. Rivieccio, David A. Stocky, Jr., Albert W. Studt, Grady E. Thomas, Daniel J. Tierney, James R. Wachter (Wyle Corporation) and Steven P. Yackowetsky.

United Space Alliance employees who were honored were Rene W. Arriens, Paul R. Barnes, Christian C. Bechtold, Robert M. Greer, John O. Hampton, Thomas J. Harbove, Cordell R. Harris, David N. Hermanson, Jr., Rami F. Intriago, Linda J. Jassmann-Lane, Patricia A. Karpinski, Joseph J. Matuga, Jr., Catherine M. McFarland, Phillip M. McLeran, Juanita M. Melton, Donald E. Noah, Thomas L. Smith, Georgett E. Styers, George H. Thomas, Jeffery S. Thon, Steve Tyler, Kathy K. Whitcomb and Jeffrey R. White.

Other honorees were Gus S. Alex of InDyne, Inc., and Richard M. VanGilder of ASRC Aerospace Corporation.

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