GPS Leader Magellan Corporation Applauds Government's End of Selective Availability

Press Release From: Magellan Corporation
Posted: Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Magellan Corporation, a leading manufacturer of Global Positioning System (GPS) products and maker of the first hand-held GPS receiver, is celebrating the enhanced performance of its products on this first day of full-accuracy GPS signal transmission. This follows President Clinton's announcement yesterday of the U.S. government's removal of Selective Availability (SA), which degrades GPS signals. As President Clinton noted in his announcement, the result of removing SA will be about ten times greater accuracy for public users of GPS.

With millions of hand-held GPS products in the hands of consumers, the impact of ending Selective Availability of GPS signals is significant, according to John Huyett, President and CEO of Magellan, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.

``Our products have become more valuable and useful overnight,'' said Huyett. ``The same GPS receiver that provided accuracy within 100 meters of a user's location yesterday, is providing position fixes with as good as 10-meter accuracy today. This change immediately makes GPS more accurate and reliable, and thus more valuable to our GPS customers.''

Huyett said he expects the improved accuracy will lead to increased sales for Magellan, especially with the launch of its new GPS device that clips onto the Palm V(TM) connected organizer. ``We're excited that Palm V users will find our GPS clip-on even more valuable,'' said Huyett. ``They'll find it more useful for daily needs like navigating to meeting locations, or as a travel aid for finding tourist attractions.''

Jonathan Ladd, Magellan's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Technology, said the decision to end selective availability adds fidelity to the GPS system without costing more. ``Prior to this decision, taxpayers were paying for decreased accuracy. Now, they're getting more accuracy at no additional cost,'' said Ladd. ``The significant increase in accuracy is very good for everyone involved in GPS. It touches Magellan in all of our product and technology areas, from vehicle navigation and consumer hand-held receivers, to precision products and wireless communications.''

Ascertaining more accurate position fixes will significantly increase the value of GPS products in all applications, whether for recreational use or safety-of-life applications such as search and rescue operations. Now GPS users can more accurately find a location such as a favorite fishing hole, or simply locate their car in a stadium parking lot.

For vehicle navigation, more accurate GPS signals means the system will know more precisely where you are and how to guide you where you're going. Likewise, Magellan's tracking products will more accurately locate vehicles and other assets.

There's also an advantage for users of Magellan's higher-accuracy, differential GPS (DGPS) products that provide sub-inch accuracy, such as those for the aviation industry and precision industries like surveying, mapping and agricultural machine-control. Precision-minded DGPS users who rely on transmissions of correction data, such as those broadcasted by the U.S. Coast Guard's reference stations, would normally need correction signals every three to five seconds to obtain a high level of accuracy. Now, the same users will need significantly fewer transfers of data to maintain the same level of accuracy.

``Bringing the system's full-performance accuracy to the world is a clear indication from our government that the U.S. is committed to providing the best global positioning, navigation and timing on the planet,'' said Huyett. ``The decision will directly affect safety-of-life applications and telecommunications. We anticipate this to be the first step in GPS modernization.''

About Magellan Corporation

Magellan Corporation, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is a broad-based satellite access technology company specializing in positioning, navigation, communications and guidance products. Magellan is a pre-public company with a majority of stock held by Orbital Sciences Corporation , one of the world's largest, most diversified commercial space products and services companies. For more information about Magellan, visit .

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