New "Paint-On Antenna" Flies Successfully on Sierra Nevada Corporation Techsphere Airship

Press Release From: Cyber Defense Systems, Inc.
Posted: Thursday, July 13, 2006

Technology for Next Generation Communications and Remote Sensing Systems

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Langley Research Center , RTI International, Applied EM, Inc., International Communications Group, Unitech, Sierra Nevada Corporation (Sierra Nevada), and Techsphere Systems International, Inc. (Techsphere), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyber Defense Systems, Inc.,, announced today that the test flights of the new generation "paint-on" antenna technology on board the SA-60 Spherical Airship were successful June 21, 2006 in the Nevada desert.

This was a worldwide exclusive to test the lightweight "paint-on antenna" technology on Sierra Nevada and Techsphere airship technology for communications and other applications. As part of an effort to develop new high-altitude communications and surveillance platforms, Applied EM, Inc. and Unitech, LLC are developing conformal "paint-on" antenna technology under an Air Force Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program (Air Force Research Laboratory, Hanscom AFB). "Paint-on" antenna designs were used in the Airship flight test for Iridium Global satellite communications from several locations on the Airship. These antennas transmitted and received voice and data links via the global Iridium satellite system and overall radio frequency performance was outstanding. Iridium bit error rate data transmission and receptions were tested and voice communications to and from the Airship with teleconferencing were tested successfully.

In addition, the Airship flight experiment included NASA's GPS Reflectance Experiment, which was flown to evaluate Airship applications for soil moisture remote sensing missions. The NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) is developing remote sensing applications of the Global Positioning System (GPS). While originally designed to relay navigation data, the satellite-transmitted GPS signal itself may be used to obtain a number of useful scientific measurements of both the earth's surface and of the atmosphere. This new technique utilizes the reflection of GPS signals from water, wet ground, or artificial conducting (metal) bodies. Researchers at Langley, in concert with their colleagues around the world, are developing theory, designing instrumentation, and conducting experiments to better understand the properties of the surface reflected GPS signal. The goal of the project is to apply the knowledge gained toward the development of low-cost, easily deployed, and widely applicable remote sensing systems.

Soil moisture is a relatively small component of the global hydrological cycle, but of great importance, nonetheless, in the development of it. Soil moisture is water in the ground and, as such, it plays a critical role in many biological and hydrological processes such as plant health, nutrient cycles, and cloud formation. The accurate and timely measurement of soil moisture content and its fluctuation is of paramount importance in the monitoring of natural hazards such as flooding and drought. The amount of water in the soil affects the transfer of energy between the surface of the Earth and the atmosphere by creating weather systems that can affect large populated areas. A highly water-saturated soil, for example, cannot absorb as much water as dry soil and can easily create runoff or flooding. The existence of an accurate map of soil moisture would provide information for agricultural efficiency, water management, disaster planning, and many other indirect applications.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that soil moisture measurements have been recognized as a priority in Earth science, continuous and far-reaching measurements are all but nonexistent. Present methods of measuring soil moisture, though accurate, are insufficient for use in forecast models to prevent disaster or to complement the understanding of the water cycle. However, the monitoring of soil moisture by means of remote sensing remains a topic of research and development rather than an operational capability. The recent launch of the satellite Aqua and the current development of new Earth looking systems, like the GPS reflectometer presented in this site, promise to provide better measurements of soil moisture to improve the understanding of nature and the quality of life on Earth.

RTI brought the team together as part of NASA's Innovative Partnership Program (IPP) to demonstrate the overall capabilities of high altitude airships for numerous NASA research applications. "The successful airship test flights demonstrate exciting possibilities for 'paint-on' antenna technologies," said David Myers, vice president of RTI's Engineering and Technology Unit. "This new technology can be used to assist with hurricane disaster relief, provide enhanced security of ports and borders, perform science observation missions and improve military communications."

"Our goal is to provide the most innovative low cost communication platform on the planet for government and commercial end users," stated Mike Lawson, chief marketing officer of Techsphere.

"This application shows the benefits of using our airship technology for communication, protecting our warfighters and implementing true border protection now," stated Billy Robinson, chief executive officer of Cyber Defense.

About Cyber Defense Systems, Inc.

Cyber Defense Systems, Inc. is designing and building a new generation of UAV's and airships. Cyber Defense is currently marketing their M.A.R.S and Techsphere airships as well as their UAV's to various branches of the U.S. government, U.S. allies and commercial clients as multi-use platform vehicles capable of deployment in surveillance and communication operations. Cyber Defense Systems, Inc.

About Langley Research Center

Langley is renowned for scientific and technological expertise in aerospace research, exploration, and atmospheric science. The Center leads NASA initiatives in aviation safety, quiet-aircraft technology, small-aircraft transportation, and aerospace vehicles-system technology. Langley also supports NASA space programs with atmospheric research and technology testing and development. Eight Center-designed satellite instruments are presently transmitting observations of Earth from space to scientists around the world for atmospheric science and climate studies.

About RTI International

RTI International, the nation's second largest independent nonprofit research organization, is dedicated to conducting research and development that improves the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. RTI has more than 2,500 staff members who work in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, eight regional offices in the United States, and five international offices. These dedicated professionals offer innovative research and technical services to governments and businesses worldwide in the areas of health and pharmaceuticals, education and training, surveys and statistics, advanced technology, governance, economic and social development, energy, and the environment. For more information, please visit us at

About Sierra Nevada Corporation

Sierra Nevada Corporation is a progressive, rapidly growing defense electronics engineering and manufacturing enterprise. The Sierra Nevada Corporation enterprise is focused on the following business areas: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems; Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (ATCALS); Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Systems; Systems Instrumentation, Test, and Training (ITT) Systems; Electronic Warfare (EW); Integrated Mission Systems (IMS); and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Networking (C4N). Sierra Nevada Corporation's corporate headquarters is located in Sparks, Nevada and does business with all branches of the U.S. DoD and numerous other Government agencies.

About Techsphere Systems International, Inc.

Techsphere Systems International, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyber Defense, is located in Atlanta and Columbus, GA, is the manufacturer of low, mid and high altitude airships. Together with their teaming companies, Techsphere will design and build unique airship platforms for use in many areas including surveillance, the military and wireless communications. The current spherical airship design holds the world altitude record at over 20,000 feet.

About Applied EM, Inc.

Applied EM, Inc. is located in Hampton, VA and specializes in antenna design and development and computational electromagnetics. Applied EM is a client of Hampton Roads Technology Incubator System and is successfully developing new antenna designs and EM simulation methods for various government applications. The EM simulation methods are based on accelerated robust numerical techniques and fast hybrid methods. Applied EM has successfully completed antenna design projects with the Army and aircraft companies (Boeing and Lockheed) and has multiple Phase II SBIR awards with the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Currently, Applied EM, Inc. has a Phase II/Enhancement SBIR from AFRL (Hanscom AFB) to develop the technology of Conformal "Paint-On" Antenna designs.

About Unitech

Unitech, LLC is a Hampton, VA-based company established in 1997. Unitech is an advanced materials development company that brings to market Unishield, a patented conductive coating system that has extensive applications in the electronic, communications, security, and defense industries. Unitech holds the patent for the "paint-on" antenna technology and is involved in several Air Force programs utilizing conductive coating systems and EMI shielding materials. Unitech also markets RP46, a polyimide composite resin licensed from NASA that is capable of withstanding continuous temperatures of 700 F.

About International Communications Group, Inc.

International Communications Group, Inc. (ICG) of Newport News, VA is a recognized leader in the development of communications integration, automation and management systems. ICG's devices provide facilities and features that replicate the operation of a contemporary telephone companies' Central Office facilities, in wireless or mobile communications applications. Through implementation of the ICG technologies, the complexity of operating with various unfamiliar and disparate communications mediums is removed, permitting traditional and familiar telephony operations. Markets for ICG products are the Aerospace, Military, and Maritime industries. Often, customers utilize ICG's devices to support mobile and remote communications applications where automation and communications management facilities are required. ICG is the premier leader in Iridium Communications Systems, CTU's, Data Management Systems, and Handsets.

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