Official Energia Press Reelase about the launch of Progress M-43 logistics vehicle to the Mir Station

Press Release From: RSC Energia
Posted: Tuesday, October 17, 2000

The Progress M-43 logistics vehicle was launched from Baikonur launch site to Mir Space Station at 01 hours 27 minutes Moscow Time.

The objective of the launch is to deliver propellant to Mir Station to refuel the main propulsion system of the orbital complex, as well as to deliver another cargoes to support the Space Station flight.

The spacecraft is put into an orbit with parameters: max and min altitude - of 244.2 and 192.8 km respectively. Orbit around the Earth takes 88.6 min. The spacecraft on-board systems function normally.

The docking of logistics vehicle is set for 2 hours 46 minutes on October 21, 2000.

During the Progress M-43 logistics vehicle autonomous flight four-days rendezvous scheme with Mir orbital complex will be performed to provide minimum fuel consumption.

The flight of the logistics vehicle Progress M-43 and Mir orbital complex is controlled by the Lead Operational Control Team (LOCT) at the Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC-M), Korolev, Moscow region. LOCT is headed by the Flight Director, cosmonaut V.A. Soloviev.

Mir orbital complex, by information from LOCT, is in a serviceable condition and is capable of continuing its controlled flight in orbit, both in manned and unmanned modes.

Orbital complex with a total mass of 130 tons now consisting of Core Module, Kvant, Kvant 2, Kristall, Spektr, Priroda modules and Docking Compartment performs flight along the orbit with max and min altitude - 352.5 and 327.0 km, inclination 51.66. Orbit around the Earth takes 91.1 min.

Russian Federation Government is defining further operation procedure of Mir station.

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