In Case You Missed It. .. Who is behind the cancellation of the Constellation program?

Press Release From: Rep. Rob Bishop
Posted: Saturday, March 27, 2010

image Last night on the Floor of the House of Representatives, Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01) voiced concerns over statements made by NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver, who is apparently the leading voice in the proposal to cancel the Constellation Program, NASA's tested replacement for the retiring Space Shuttle.

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Lori Garver is the number two Administrator at NASA who is a political appointee that has been given credit as the prime author of the program to cut the Constellation. In a speech in Maryland a fortnight ago, she said NASA has changed their goals and seemed to indicate that the new goals of NASA will be to end poverty and hunger, create world peace, education, save the environment and in a note of bitter irony, creating new jobs. It would seem that Miss Garver perhaps should look at her door and realize that since 1958 the goal of NASA has been space- to be first in space science, first in space exploration, first in manned flight, and the Constellation program is the program that works with an emphasis on human safety to accomplish this. Miss Garver's plan would cede control of the heavens to the Russians and the Chinese probably for most of our lifetime and has the unintended consequence of hurting education, aerospace, ironically enough- defense and jobs. Mr. Speaker, we can and should do better.

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