Gabrielle Giffords Earth and Space Leadership Fund: Support future leaders in Earth and Space Sciences, Engineering and Policy

Press Release From: Gabrielle Giffords Earth and Space Leadership Fund
Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2011

image To honor the victims of the recent tragedy in Tucson and their families, we have started a fund in Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' name to support future leaders in earth and space sciences, engineering and policy. In her 112th Congress swearing-in speech, Gabby talked about the need for leadership. She also strongly supports earth and space sciences, as well as technology innovations and public policy that benefit our nation. Gabby is to administer the fund, which is intended to help develop America's leadership in these critical areas through a range of activities, sponsorships and support for students.

The Gabrielle Giffords Earth and Space Leadership Fund was started by friends and supporters of hers from Tucson and the Space community. We are grateful for the positive outpouring of support for her, and the other victims of this tragedy and appreciative of all who are helping create a lasting tribute.

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