VoIP Group Wins Contract for Providing Voice Over the Internet Technology to NASA

Press Release From: VoIP Group
Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2000

VoIP Group, Inc., a leading developer of proprietary Internet communications software announced today that it has been awarded a contract to provide a ``Voice over the Internet'' solution for NASA's International Space Station (ISS) program. The VoIP system will bring about significant cost reductions as it supplements and then replaces an existing legacy system.

Initially deployed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and later at other International Space Station operations centers, the solution will consist of VoIP Group's gateways connected to the Internet and to Raytheon voice switches and CUseeMe conference servers to support voice conferencing. The system is designed to link together researchers, NASA operations personnel, and potentially ISS crew, to support collaboration during Space Station experiment planning and operations. Because users can access the system using a standard Internet browser on an inexpensive multimedia PC, they can be located at NASA centers, universities, and companies throughout the world, and still connect in real-time, 24 x 7.

VoIP Group is collaborating on the project with AZ Technology, of Huntsville, Alabama, the prime contractor on the project with responsibility for overall coordination of development of the voice conferencing system and integrating it into Marshall's communications infrastructure. The initial phase of VoIP's contract is valued at $325,000.

``We are delighted to be collaborating with a company of AZ Technology's caliber on this milestone project for NASA, the world's most prominent technological proving ground,'' said Arie Pompas, CEO of VoIP Group. ``We see this project as a resounding endorsement of VoIP Group's software and technological capabilities.''

``We are excited to have VoIP Group as a collaborator and look forward to working with them. Their technical excellence and persistence convinced us they were the right partner for the project,'' said Jim Chamberlain, AZ Technology project manager. AZ Technology intends to work with VoIP Group to market the system for additional NASA, military, and commercial applications. ``We are combining the power of the telephone, personal computers, and the Internet to create applications that will support work groups distributed around the country and the world,'' said Chamberlain.

VoIP Group is also using building block technology provided by Dialogic, an Intel company to develop their enhanced voice solution. ``VoIP Group's voice-enabled solution for NASA demonstrates how next generation networks are evolving into open, ubiquitous solutions that can be accessed by anyone, from any location at any time,'' said John Amein, vice president of product marketing for Dialogic. ``We are pleased to be able to provide our building block technology to a valued partner like the VoIP Group to enable them to get both the innovation of open standards with the reliability of high performance and next generation solutions.''

About VoIP Group, Inc.

Founded in April 2000 in Miami, FL, VoIP Group develops and markets Internet telephony software solutions worldwide. VoIP Group's core technology is the VComX (Virtual Communications eXchange) IP Telephony gateway software, the first fully integrated, single-source Voice-over-IP platform designed to enable its users to have high quality, low latency communications over the Public Internet and the PSTN.

VoIP Group specializes in rapid development and deployment of enterprise solutions for communications management, utilizing the Internet. For more information, please visit VoIP Group's web site at Contact:
VoIP Group, Miami
Gary Stanton or Martin Forster, 305/264-2401

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