Floridians Continue Waiting For Answers From Mitt Romney On Future Of Commercial Space

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Posted: Thursday, June 7, 2012

image Does Romney Support Competition To Drive Innovation Or Not?

As Republicans change their positions to support President Obama's policy on commercial crew, Obama for America Florida Press Secretary Eric Jotkoff released the following statement renewing demands that Mitt Romney come clean with Floridians about his plans for NASA and space.

"This week, Mitt Romney's Republican allies in Congress finally dropped their effort to eliminate the competition among the private space industry after the successful launch of SpaceX's Dragon. While this is a step in the right direction, Floridians still deserve to know where Mitt Romney stands on space issues.
While the world watched the historic first commercial spacecraft dock with the International Space Station, Romney's campaign refused to say if he supported President Obama's efforts to support and grow America's commercial space industry. Despite his promise to fire anyone who suggested spending billions of dollars on building a colony on the Moon, after Romney's Space Advisor Mike Griffin called for just that, Romney still refuses to say if he kept his promise to fire Griffin."

"So, as Floridians see Romney refusing to answer questions on some of the most basic issues surrounding space policy, it has become clear that Mitt Romney has no clear vision for NASA."

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