Herring Media Group Coordinates Worldwide Media Campaign for Expedition to Film Space Station's Re-Entry

Press Release From: Herring Media Group
Posted: Monday, March 19, 2001

Global marketing media strategist, Herring Media Group is attracting the world's attention once again as part of a unique expedition to film and broadcast over the Internet the re-entry of Russia's Mir Space Station.

The largest man-made object ever to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere, the Mir Space Station is expected to produce a tremendous fireworks display, as the 140-ton structure bursts into flames over the South Pacific and plunges into the ocean.

``We have every intention of being right there to see and film it all,'' says Chairman and Executive Creative Director of HMG, Marc Herring. In addition to conceiving some of the most innovative event marketing strategies of the last fifteen years, Herring, a principal organizer of the observation expedition, has been a leader in the development of commercial applications for the still unsettled realm of space.

``We are currently exploring several opportunities on behalf of our clients. Space exploration is a new marketing frontier, and HMG is an early pioneer,'' said Herring.

Joining a team of Russian cosmonauts, respected scientists and space enthusiasts, Herring Media Group is helping to create what may potentially be the largest Internet broadcasting event yet. Organizers anticipate 5-10 million unique website visitors in the 72 hours following Mir's re-entry, making the Internet broadcast one of the largest, if not the largest, broadcast in Internet history.

``This has been a multi-staged effort for us. Not only are we helping to coordinate expedition logistics, we are also managing the intense interest of the world's media,'' reported HMG spokesperson, Helen Schneider.

Mir's dramatic re-entry into Earth's atmosphere is attracting the attention of individuals and organizations the world over, and HMG has found itself once again in the eye of the hurricane. With nearly every major news organization in the world expressing interest in the expedition's unique video footage and website traffic expected to reach historic levels, Herring Media Group's extensive experience producing and managing both live and online events has proven invaluable.

To obtain this unique footage and accomplish the expedition's mission, HMG is using several airplanes with multiple HDTV cameras and an award-winning film crew. RadioShack, the expedition's primary commercial sponsor, is providing connectivity technology so that crew members can be in direct communication with Russian Mission Control, NASA's US Space Command, the European Space Agency and the international media throughout the flight. With constant updates from the world's various space agencies, the Mir Re-Entry Observation Expedition will plot a course that closely parallels that of Mir over the South Pacific.

About Herring Media Group

Herring Media Group, Inc. (HMG), a creative agency based in Sausalito, California, develops advanced information design and commercial communications for an exciting array of entertainment, educational, and corporate clients, including RadioShack, RCA, Proctor and Gamble, Lexus, Chrysler, Gap and Levi Strauss & Company. In addition to the production of events, entertainment programming, and historic occasions, HMG specializes in non-traditional and experimental mixed-media executions, including the heroic illumination of urban skylines with live and recorded media. The firm provides alternative solutions for advanced marketing communications throughout the world and beyond. HMG is a principal organizer of the Mir Re-Entry Observation Expedition, and is actively involved in a number of ISS and Deep Space projects. For further information concerning HMG's clients and services, please contact HMG at 415/332-7133.

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