SGAC / NEO PG Asteroid Naming Contest

Press Release From: Space Generation Advisory Council
Posted: Monday, October 28, 2013

SGAC and the NEO PG in collaboration with the Minor Planet Centre (MPC) are excited to offer you the opportunity to name an asteroid! Entering is easy: Send us your entry in 50 words or less how you would like to name an asteroid and why.

The naming contest is open to anyone. Submit your entry by November 30 by telling us your name, age, home country and email. Rules for naming are below.

There are two age groups: under 18, and over 18.

The two winners will be announced around the end of December.


The winning entries will be forwarded to the IAU CSBN - the body responsible for naming small bodies within the solar system, like asteroids. The winning entries will go through the same judging process as any other asteroid. The process can take some time (4-6 months) and there is no guarantee that the winning entry will be accepted.

If you want your name suggestion to win, it is highly recommended to follow the IAU Guidelines for Naming Asteroids.

They include:

        * 16 characters or less in length preferably one word

        * pronounceable (in some language)

        * non-offensive

        * not too similar to an existing name of a Minor Planet or natural Planetary

satellite [].

        * names of pet animals are discouraged

        * names of a purely or principally commercial nature are not allowed.

        * The names of individuals or events principally known for political or military activities are unsuitable until 100 years after the death of the individual or the occurrence of the event.


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