ViaSat litigation settled

Press Release From: MDA
Posted: Sunday, September 7, 2014

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. ("MDA" or the "Company") (TSX:MDA) and Space Systems/Loral, LLC ("SSL") today announced that they have settled the litigation with ViaSat Communications, Inc. pursuant to a comprehensive settlement agreement.  Under the agreement, all litigation between the parties will be dismissed, resolving all of the parties' patent and contract claims.  The settlement gives MDA/SSL and their customers protections against litigation in the future, allowing MDA/SSL to focus on the manufacture of all satellites, including SSL's high throughput satellites.

Daniel Friedmann, president and CEO of MDA said, "We are very pleased to settle these disputes with ViaSat. This settlement enables SSL and ViaSat to put our disputes behind us, which benefits everyone.  We appreciate our customers' support and apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers during this difficult period, and we thank them for their support and patience."

About MDA

MDA is a global communications and information company providing operational solutions to commercial and government organizations worldwide.

MDA's business is focused on markets and customers with strong repeat business potential, primarily in the Communications sector and the Surveillance and Intelligence sector. In addition, the Company conducts a significant amount of advanced technology development.

MDA's established global customer base is served by more than 4,800 employees operating from 11 locations in the United States, Canada, and internationally.

The Company's common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "MDA."

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