Two Canadian science projects to be launched to the International Space Station

Press Release From: Canadian Space Agency
Posted: Monday, November 30, 2015

The Orbital Sciences Cygnus resupply craft is set to launch to the International Space Station on December 3, 2015, at approximately 5:55 PM (EST). Cygnus will be captured by Canadarm2 when it arrives at the Station on December 6. Cygnus's cargo includes two Canadian experiments: MARROW and Vascular Echo.

Astronaut David Saint-Jacques, who will act as chief capcom, and the researchers in charge of the science projects are available for interviews.

Here are the Canadian highlights:


Microgravity in space, like prolonged bed rest on Earth, has negative effects on the bone marrow and the blood cells it produces. The study aims to uncover the changes occurring in microgravity in order to minimize the impact for the astronauts. The new findings may help manage the consequences of decreased physical activity on Earth, particularly for the rehabilitation of bedridden patients, people with limited mobility and senior citizens.

Vascular Echo

Previous Canadian Space Agency supported research has shown that some astronauts experience accelerated arterial stiffening while in space. Thus, their time on the International Space Station is an opportunity to explore the underlying mechanisms in order to design interventions that will slow vascular aging of the astronauts and improve health and quality of life on Earth.

Cygnus will also carry Kaber, a microsatellite deployer that the Canadian robot Dextre will use to launch small satellites from the Space Station.

To watch live coverage of Cygnus's launch and Canadarm2's cosmic catch:


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