NASA Crowdsources with Shoshin Works and HeroX to Future-scape Aviation

Press Release From: Shoshin Works
Posted: Friday, April 2, 2021

Shoshin Works, global leaders in ecosystem operations, and HeroX, the social network for innovation and the world's leading platform for crowdsourced solutions, today launched the crowdsourcing competition "Future-Scaping our Skies" on behalf of NASA's Convergent Aeronautics Solutions. With this crowdsourced think tank effort, NASA seeks to better anticipate the many forces of change that will shape our society and aviation in the 20-30 years. "We seek to build a bridge of understanding to the possibilities and needs of tomorrow, so that we may take better action today," said Keith D. Wichman, Leader of NASA Convergent Aeronautics Solutions. "We are excited to see the innovative ideas the crowd conjures up to help inform our decisions over the next two to three decades." 

The Future-Scaping our Skies Challenge aims to understand how aviation might be transformed in the next 20 to 30 years by detailing future scenarios that could evolve from present-day societal, technological, economic, and environmental trends. 

"Our world is increasingly defined by change and connectivity - the need to align our actions today to better support the future needs of society is stronger than ever. We want to know how societal needs, trends, and technologies will inform the future of aviation," said Dyan Finkhousen, Chief Executive Officer, Shoshin Works. "We are engaging innovators, technologists, economists and futurists to help us envision what future state scenarios might unfold that could inform what society will need of aviation in thirty years. Together, we can build a better understanding of the change that lies ahead and make better decisions today."

"As this program explores the future of aviation, our global crowd can help envision scenarios that might be possible in 30 years. The ability to access such a diverse pool of multi-disciplinary perspectives in one community is so powerful for a scenario planning effort. We expect to see great insights emerge from this effort." said Christian Cotichini, CEO, HeroX. 

Please note this is a US-based competition only.

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Shoshin Works advisors are specialists in platform-enabled ecosystem operations. Known for collaborating with intent to expand the known boundaries of organizational performance - CEO Dyan Finkhousen is a global authority on enterprise application of expert ecosystem and platform operational models, designing highly contextualized business model innovation to optimize results at scale.


HeroX is a social network for crowdsourcing innovation and human ingenuity, co-founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur, Christian Cotichini and XPRIZE Founder and Futurist, Peter Diamandis. HeroX offers a turnkey, easy-to-use platform that supports anyone, anywhere, to solve everyday business and world challenges using the power of the crowd. Uniquely positioned as the Social Network for Innovation, HeroX is the only place you can build, grow and curate your very own crowd.

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