MirCorp Announces Prime Time Television Game Show in Space

Press Release From: MirCorp
Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2001

MirCorp Continues its Pioneering Role in the Manned Space Industry -Russian Government Grants MirCorp Full and Exclusive Rights of Use of Soyuz Passenger Seats; 'Contest Winner Goes to Space!'

The Russian Aviation and Space Agency (Rosaviakosmos) and RSC "Energia" have signed a joint decision to fly two Soyuz vehicles under the MirCorp program in the year 2003.

MirCorp will, in collaboration with Image World Media, Inc., launch Prime- time television game show winners on space flights in 2003. The Game Show Winners will be members of "taxi"-mission crews to the ISS for a period of 8-10 days, or they will make an autonomous space flight, if, for any reason, the ISS cannot accommodate the participants.

Bilateral agreements to organize work for the realization of this project have been approved by Dr. Yuri Koptev, General Director of Rosaviakosmos and Mr. Yuri Semenov, President of RSC "Energia." The two parties will soon sign the detailed contracts.

RSC "Energia" and MirCorp ( ) will be using their experience gained from joint commercial projects on the Mir orbital station.

Image World Media, Inc. specializes in the production and distribution of different media programs on all types of hardware: as traditional TV programs, film and on the Internet.

This project is part of the MirCorp business model, which MirCorp is going to implement on the Small Commercial Orbital Station (SCOS), which is under development by Rosaviakosmos, RSC "Energia" and MirCorp according to the Joint Resolution of August 24, 2001. About MirCorp MirCorp is the leading manned commercial space exploration company, which has worked with customers in the media and private tourism sectors. MirCorp signed the first lease of a commercial space station, and signed Dennis Tito as the first citizen explorer. The company's corporate headquarters are in Amsterdam, and it has offices in Moscow, Russia. For commercial information, contact Mir-Corp Gert Weyers at: +31-20-520-68-40, fax: +31-20-520-68-42 or visit the Mir-Corp website at: .

About RSC "Energia" -- As a major shareholder of MirCorp, RSC "Energia" brings world-class Russian space expertise. RSC "Energia" was the first company to launch a satellite, Sputnik 1, and orbited Yuri Gagarin as the first human in space. It also was responsible for the development of Russia's space stations, beginning with the first such orbital facility ever launched, Salyut 1. Today, RSC "Energia" has lead industrial roles in numerous major space programs, including as prime contractor responsibility for Russia's contribution to the International Space Station. RSC "Energia" also participates in the Sea Launch program with Boeing, ILS launch services with Lockheed, and the Enterprise module with Spacehab.

About Rosaviacosmos -- Rosaviacosmos is headed by Dr. Yuri Koptev, and has the responsibility of coordinating the civil and commercial space programs for the Russian Federation.

About Image World Media Inc. -- IMI is an international media company, registered in the United States, specializing in the production and distribution of various media content for worldwide distribution across multiple media platforms such as traditional television, film, and the Internet. IMI's founders include pioneers in the Asian telecommunications, satellite broadcasting, and New Media revolution. They will play key roles in carrying forward the Company's strategy of creating a global media force originating from Asia. For additional information on Image World Media, Inc, please visit .


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