TIBCO Software Selected by NASA to Provide Real-Time Communication And Integration Capability for X-38 Crew Return Vehicle

Press Release From: TIBCO
Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2002

TIBCO ActiveEnterprise Enables NASA's Ground Control System to Provide Command And Telemetry Interfaces for X-38 Project

TIBCO Software Inc. today announced the successful implementation of TIBCO ActiveEnterprise(TM) by NASA, to improve research, development and test processes for NASA's X-38 ground communication system project. The project provides command and telemetry interfaces to The Crew Return Vehicle, commonly known as the X-38.

With technologies that blaze a trail for future spacecraft development, NASA's X-38 Project is developing a prototype for a rescue vehicle that will provide astronauts on the International Space Station an immediate return trip home in the event of an emergency. The X-38 will serve as both an ambulance for medical emergencies and as an evacuation vehicle. NASA's X-38 Project consists of a number of flight test vehicles and a large group of end-users including engineering, operations and software development. The TIBCO solution enables NASA project engineers to perform tests on the X-38 experimental vehicles through the delivery of commands to the vehicle and receipt of transmitted measurement and informational data, which is then processed and recorded for analysis.

"Of the third-party products we've used, TIBCO ActiveEnterprise has been the smoothest integration we've completed,'' said Steve Rader, NASA X-38 ground systems development engineer. "TIBCO ActiveEnterprise's real-time messaging ensures better service to X-38 ground systems control by eliminating the massive amount of workflow involved in making a display and by eliminating redundancy across the network. The flexibility of design, open API architecture and decentralized server will enable us to easily modify the system as we grow and expand the project.''

The TIBCO Solution

NASA engineers required integration of legacy and new applications with their messaging infrastructure without changing existing software code. NASA X-38 project engineers were faced with the challenge of designing a ground control system that would integrate the constant flow of new content and services into its messaging infrastructure without overhauling current code. At the same time, they needed a solution that would aggregate content from multiple applications and operating systems, and distribute it to each experimental vehicle in the project.

Any systems infrastructure is only as strong as its foundation -- the messaging system. The most basic requirement of application-to-application integration is the movement of data between systems, enabling disparate applications to communicate. As the foundation, the messaging technology must be efficient, reliable, scalable and flexible. TIBCO's messaging software, TIBCO Rendezvous(TM), a member of the TIBCO ActiveEnterprise family, integrates information across multiple applications and operating systems by providing a single flow of data that is automatically directed to each relevant area of the X-38 Project.

TIBCO ActiveEnterprise's multi-use capabilities, increased flexibility and decentralized server reduces the amount of time needed to process information, facilitates real-time data access and demonstrates a concrete cost-savings equivalent to that of multiple NASA developers.

"NASA needed a solution that allowed tests to be performed on X-38 experimental vehicles using a ground communication system to deliver commands to the vehicle, receive telemetry, process data and record the results,'' said Murat Sonmez, senior vice president of marketing for TIBCO Software. "TIBCO ActiveEnterprise enabled NASA ground control system to go live with its first X-38 experimental vehicle within four weeks of implementation and delivered a solution that will scale over time as the project grows.''

About TIBCO Government

The TIBCO Government practice, located in Bethesda, Maryland, provides integration software to the federal, state and local government markets, and expands TIBCO's reach into public-sector organizations, such as military and other government-funded agencies. TIBCO Government customers include the US Navy, University of Maryland, Department of Defense, Los Angeles City Fire Department, and NASA.

About TIBCO Software Inc.

TIBCO Software Inc. is a leading provider of total business integration solutions delivering infrastructure software that enables businesses to seamlessly integrate business systems in real-time. TIBCO technology was first used to digitize Wall Street and has since been adopted in diverse industries including financial services, telecommunications, electronic commerce, transportation, logistics, manufacturing and energy. TIBCO's global customer base includes 1,400 customers such as NEC, Dynegy, BP, eBay, US Bank, The Limited, Delta Air Lines, Philips, AT&T and Pirelli, Yahoo! and Cisco Systems. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, TIBCO can be reached at 650-846-1000 or on the web at

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