SOHO Weekly Meeting Minutes Week 46, November 10-16, 2003

Status Report From: Goddard Space Flight Center
Posted: Friday, November 7, 2003

1. Announcements

  • US Veterans Day Holiday Tuesday, November 11. There will be no science planning meeting that day and a student will be at the SOC desk from 10 am to 5 pm. SOCs will be on call for emergencies.
  • Solar science seminar Wednesday at 3:30 PM in Bldg. 26, Room G-10, Jeff Brosius (Catholic University) will speak on "EUV and Radio Observations of Sunspot Plumes on the Disk and at the Limb."

2. Operations Constraints

* Commanding times for the week: DSS-27 on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Antenna work should finish Wednesday.

  • Monday: Commanding available all day, watch out for SVM times.
  • Tuesday: Downlink station very early, watch out for SVM times.
  • Wednesday: Same as Tuesday.
  • Thursday: Good commanding.
  • Friday: Continuous contact but downlink station 17:55-21 UT.
  • Saturday: Good commanding.
  • Sunday: Good commanding.

* HGA activities continue through Thursday, 3 times a day. There will be no NRT available during the testing each day. The times are approximately: 4-6 UT, 12-14 UT, 20-22 UT for each day, but changes can usually be made upon request.

3. Coordinated Observations

  • M Nov 10 (W46)
  • T Nov 11 ICAL01 (#6996), 14 UT, CDS/EIT, POC: CDS & EIT Planners US Veterans Day Holiday
  • W Nov 12
  • T Nov 13
  • F Nov 14 Submode Change to Submode 5, 15 UT
  • S Nov 15
  • S Nov 16

Other activities for Week 46:

  • * Week 46 JOP136 Default RHESSI Collaborations (#6850),POC: Stein Haugan
  • * Week 46 JOP159 CME's in Lyman-alpha (#6870), SWAN/LASCO/EIT POC: Chris St Cyr, Eric Quemerais
  • * Sep 10-Nov 23 MDI 60-Day Continuous Contact
  • * Nov 8-13 JOP172 Coronal Micro-Events (#6998), RHESSI/TRACE/CDS/EIT/MDI, POC: Karel Schrijver
  • * Nov 9-22 UVCS Observations of Polar Coronal Holes at High Spectral Resolution


Monday 00:00 UT - Friday 15:00 UT --> Submode 6 Friday 15:00 UT - Sunday 24:00 UT --> Submode 5

Planners for Week 46:

CDS     -- Barbara Bromage,     MDI     -- Sarah Gregory
           Steven Chapman, & Mike Marsh 

EIT -- Bob Leamon SUMER -- not observing LASCO -- Ops Team UVCS -- Ester Antonucci TRACE -- Jonathan Cirtain

Relevant Notes

  • CDS: Synoptic full sun scan on Monday. Active region and coronal hole studies Tuesday through Friday. ICAL01 on Tuesday. JOP172 on Wednesday. Usual weekend studies.
  • SUMER: Opening door after submode change on Friday.
  • UVCS: Polar coronal hole observations and synoptics.
  • LASCO: C2/C3 synoptics, JOP159 Wednesday - Friday.
  • EIT: 195 CME watch and synoptics, ICAL01 Tuesday, JOP172 support through Thursday, and JOP159 Wednesday - Friday.
  • MDI: Full disk magnetograms and dopplergrams, continuous contact, JOP172 support through Thursday.
  • TRACE: JOP172 support through Thursday.
  • AOB:
  • ---

// end //

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