NASA Mars Exploration Rover Daily Update 8 Feb 2004

Status Report From: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Posted: Monday, February 9, 2004

Spirit Status for sol 35, Feb. 8
posted Feb. 8, 3 pm PST

NASA's Spirit examined the interior of a rock during Spirit's 35th sol on Mars, which ended at 4:41 a.m. Sunday, PST. Beginning late in the previous sol, Spirit took turns placing its Moessbauer spectrometer, alpha particle X-ray spectrometer and microscopic imager over the portion of the rock called Adirondack where Spirit's rock abrasion tool had cut away the rock's surface.

Spirit did not begin driving on sol 35, because a precautionary software setting to prevent driving was still in effect from the beginning of the anomaly two weeks ago. The rover is being commanded during sol 36, which ends at 5:21 a.m. Monday, PST, to back away from Adirondack, drive past the south side of the now-empty lander, and begin a trek northeast toward a crater nicknamed "Bonneville."

Opportunity status on sol 15, Feb. 8
posted Feb. 8, 3 pm PST

On Opportunity's 15th sol on Mars which ends at 5:02 p.m. Sunday, PST, the rover took microscopic images of a rock in the outcrop and nearby soil. The rock is called Stone Mountain (formerly called "Snout") and the target area for the microscope is called Robert E. The day's activities also include examination of Robert E with the alpha particle X-ray spectrometer and the Moessbauer spectrometer. Opportunity's panoramic camera and navigation camera were used to get pictures of the outcrop from the rover's current position.

In the coming sols, the plan is to move along the outcrop to examine other points along it.

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