NASA ARC Union Responds: Your vision of the perfect center

Status Report From: International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers. AFL-CIO
Posted: Wednesday, September 15, 2004

image Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004
Subject: Your vision of the perfect center
Cc: "Stan C. Newberry"

September 15, 2004

Dear Center Director Hubbard,

In your All-Hands meeting September 2nd, you announced to Ames employees that, with respect to privatization, you had "not volunteered us to be at the pointy end of the sword." However, on June 7th 2004 (before the Aldridge report was made public), in a presentation to NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe at HQ entitled "Ames: A Center Transformed: Past, Present, & Future," you proposed that Ames be transformed into "A Perfect Center" by converting it to a Federal Research Corporation (not an FFRDC) and transferring Civil Servants to this private-sector entity. One of the explicitly stated goals in your presentation is to provide "flexibility in staffing w/o Civil Service". You concluded to Mr. O'Keefe that ARC was "ready to proceed with detailed study given your approval." We have posted the relevant view-graphs on our website (URL: ). [see below]

Please clarify your position on privatizing Ames. If you still support conversion of ARC to a private entity, then please say so and support this opinion with clear and compelling facts. If you have changed your mind since June, and are opposed to it or have become noncommittal, then please say so and explain why you previously thought it was wise to put ARC at higher risk for privatization by your proposal to Mr. O'Keefe. Either way, your Civil Servant employees, who stand to lose their job security and many of their benefits, deserve a forthright explanation.

Ames Federal Employee Union is pleased that you took the time to speak to your employees two weeks ago, but in these trying times, this should only be the beginning. We again urge you to engage your rank-and-file workforce and its Union representatives in an open and frank dialog about your vision for the future of Ames before moving forward with transformation proposals to the Administrator, so that perfection is not solely in the eyes of upper level management.


Marc Cohen, President
Lee Stone, Vice President for Legislative Affairs
Paul Davis, Vice President for Negotiations
Suzanne Meyer, Vice President for Membership
Roger Ashbaugh, Vice President for Publicity
Chris Knight, co-chair Partnership Council

Ames Federal Employees Union
International Federation of Professional and Technical
Engineers, Local 30

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