NASA MSFC Activity Notice: Update On Center Realignment Activities

Status Report From: Marshall Space Flight Center
Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2004

From: MSFC Activity Notice
To: MSFC Activity Notice
Subject: Update On Center Realignment Activities
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 08:59:09 -0500


The following update is provided on activities and implementation milestones associated with the MSFC Realignment.

* During the last three weeks, the Alignment Transition Team (new Organization Directors announced by the Center Director on August 20th) has been working toward finalizing the structure and staffing plans for their respective organizations. Leadership teams (i.e., supervisors and team leaders) are now in place for each organization and staffing plans are being finalized.

* Beginning the week of September 27th, employees affected by the realignment should expect to receive an e-mail message inviting them to an All Hands meeting in the organization to which they will be assigned. These All Hands meetings will take place the week of October 4th. During the All Hands meeting, the Organization Director will discuss the new organization chart and charter, and roles and responsibilities of the organization.

* In anticipation that our new organization structure will be approved at HQ, we will begin operating informally under the new organization structure and employees will report to their new supervisors beginning October 11. Until this time, all employees should continue to report to their current supervisor. Questions may be addressed to the Human Resources Department representative designated for your organization.

* During the month of October, the Human Resources Department will be working with the new Organization managers to finalize the specific actions necessary to officially implement the realignment (e.g., classifying new position descriptions, establishing new organization codes, etc.). With approximately 2000 employees being affected by the realignment, the official personnel actions assigning employees to their new organizations will be processed in phases over a two month period beginning the end of October. The target date for completing the processing of all official personnel actions related to the realignment is mid-December.

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