NASA PRCB CR: S042013EW Update the Launch Dates

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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Change NSTS 07700, Volume III, Table 4.1 as described:

STS-114/LF1 Launch NET 5/12/05 NET 3/6/05
STS-300/None Launch NET 6/16/05 NET 5/5/05
STS-121/ULF1.1 Launch NET 7/10/05 NET 5/5/05
STS-301/None Launch NET 9/6/05 NET 7/1/05
STS-115/12A Launch NET 12/8/05 NET 9/29/05

Editor's note: Wayne Hale signed this CR (Change Request) on 1 October 2004 and forwarded it to the JPRCB which met on 14 October 2004. The JPRCB said they had no authority to approve launch date changes without Space Flight LeadershipCouncil (SFLC) concurrence or prior approval.

When this proposed schedule was presentedto theSFLC in September 2004 they replied that they wanted to have the Shuttle/Space Station community assess the schedule - and then come back to theSFLC on29 October 2004. the SFLC wants to know if this new schedule is actually capable of working - and what the associated risks are in implementing it.

In addition, work on further missions such as STS-116 and STS-117 were put on the back burner until such time as the Shuttle program's schedules begin to become a bit more real.

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