Message from NASA HQ - Public Inquiries Management Office

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Date: 20 Oct 2004
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From: Centerwide Announcement
Subject: MESSAGE FROM NASA HQ - Public Inquiries Management Office


Point of Contact: Glenn Mahone, Public Affairs, 202/358-1898

Public Inquiries Management Office

As NASA plots new courses to the moon, Mars, and beyond, we must equally plot communications strategies to keep our public and international communities informed of NASA's missions and accomplishments. One strategy is the realignment of the Public Inquiries Management Office (PIMO) within the Office of Public Affairs. This realignment centralizes the agency's management of public inquiries, albeit the medium--paper mail, e-mail, and voice-mail communications. As NASA moves forward, it is paramount that we explain our missions, programs, and activities in such a way that engenders a positive image for the agency.

Under the purview of the Office of Public Affairs, PIMO will serve as the focal point for providing guidance to the public mail communications counterparts at the NASA Centers and component facilities, strengthening our interface and interaction with the public and international communities. Through this alliance, PIMO will establish agencywide policy, coordinate agencywide public inquiries activities, and develop, implement, and monitor strategies that work toward crafting and achieving a one-voice message for NASA. Public mail communication components include crafting standard language for similar inquiries and coordinating responses for high-profile missions and activities.

In the coming weeks, the staff will meet with NASA officials to discuss key services that are pivotal in helping to build the infrastructure to support these initiatives. More importantly, these sessions will serve as a forum to solicit customer expectations for use in mapping a responsive public inquiries program.

NASA Headquarters civil service and contractor employees should forward public mail or telephone calls from the public to the Public Inquiries Business Center. Telephone Calls: 202-358-0001
Faxes: 202-358-3469
Paper Mail: Suite 1M32

For more information regarding Public Inquiries Business Center services, contact Lorea Tilghman, 202-358-0479; Wanda Green, 202-358-3966; or Kimberly Jenkins-Snodgrass, 202-358-1613. Kindly direct technical and program questions to Teresa Grimes, 202-358-1280, Manager, Public Inquiries Management Office.

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