NASA Internal Presentation: FY06 ISS Program Budget Challenge POIF

Status Report From: Marshall Space Flight Center
Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2005

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- POIF is cut approximately 38% across the board starting in FY06.

- Programmatic Direction:

  • It is now acceptable to have a loss of science caused by either system failure, loss of detailed planning, or personnel error.
  • Maximizing planning to achieve the most out of crew time is no longer a requirement.
  • Customer Satisfaction is no longer a requirement.

- Technical Direction:

  • No more than 4 US Racks plus MELFI will be run concurrently through FY09.
    • POIF must provide the capability to support 24x7 payload operations.
  • There will be an average of 10 hours crew time per week.
  • The generation of schematics in support of PSM development is eliminated.
  • Rack Traffic (Budgeting Assumptions Only):
    • MSRR, MARIES, CIR, FIR, and LSG will Fly
    • CAM, CR, CRYO, HHR, ER6, ER7, ER8 and WORF do not fly.
    • SPD sub rack Payloads (except for SPACE DRUMS) are eliminated
  • No Support is to be provided for Taxi Flights (MSG included)
  • No Sub-Rack Traffic model is available at current time

  • We have been placed in a position where our over 20 years of Shuttle heritage and the 4 years of continuous payload operations experience on the ISS can no longer be supported.
  • To attempt to achieve the cuts that have been directed, a totally new approach to the way we have very successfully operated payloads on the ISS has to be implemented. We are sizing the real-time support based on budget availability and will determine our increment preparation payload support based on the size of the team. Prior to going to the “nuclear” approach to the way we do payload operations, we looked at just downsizing to achieve the marks and it was deemed impossible to make our current processes and real-time operations functions work with the number provided.
  • We know from experience that each function we perform is necessary for successful payload operations execution. If it wasn’t it would already be gone.
  • We will not sacrifice our principle of doing an excellent job.

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