CCD photometry of 23 minor planets

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Posted: Saturday, April 23, 2005

Astrophysics, abstract

From: P\'eter Sz\'ekely [view email]
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 08:07:48 GMT   (108kb)
CCD photometry of 23 minor planets
Authors: P. Székely, L. L. Kiss, Gy. M. Szabó, K. Sárneczky, B. Csák, M. Váradi, Sz. Mészáros
Comments: Accepted for publication in Planetary and Space Science, 25 pages, 3 tables, 30 figures
We present CCD photometric observations of 23 main-belt asteroids, of which 8 have never been observed before thus the data of these objects are the first in the literature. The majority showed well detectable light variations, exceeding 0.1 mag. We have determined synodic periods for 756 Lilliana (9.36h), 1270 Datura (3.4h), 1400 Tirela (13.36h), 1503 Kuopio (9.98h), 3682 Welther (3.59h), 7505 Furushu (4.14h) and 11436 1969 QR (2.6h), while uncertain period estimates were possible for 469 Argentina (12.3h), 546 Herodias (10.4h) and 1026 Ingrid (5.3h). The shape of the lightcurves of 3682 Welther changed on a short time-scale and showed dimmings that might be attributed to eclipses in a binary system. For the remaining objects, only lower limits of the periods and amplitudes were concluded.
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