ESA TV coverage of Deep Impact Mission - additional feed at 14:30 GMT

Status Report From: ESA Broadcast Centre
Posted: Monday, July 4, 2005

The huge amount of cometary matter ejected by the collision of comet Tempel-1 with Deep Impact at 05:52 GMT this morning, has triggered a steady stream of observations and images by ground- and space-based telescopes around the globe.

The first ESA TV Service update is therefore advanced from 16:00 GMT to 14:30 GMT, and will cover observations by the Faulkes Telescope, XMM/Newton, Rosetta, and the Hubble Space Telescope (the latter tbc), all with expert commentary by European scientists.

The update will also include 5-minute highlights edit of the Deep Impact NASA-TV coverage, and of the post-mission briefing at JPL at 08:00 GMT this morning.

This ESA TV Update will be replayed at 16:00 GMT, with any new images added at the top of the feed.

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