HMP Research Station Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse Photo Report 2 - July 28, 2005

Status Report From: Haughton-Mars Project (HMP)
Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2005

Note: The HMP will provide media organizations with print quality photographs when available upon request. All images must include the photo credit: Haughton-Mars Project 2005.

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The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) contingent including the greenhouse team and SFU's Stephen Braham, Mars Institute's (MI) Marc Boucher and John Ferris a Doctor from Edinburgh. Standing from left to right; Tom Graham (U. of Guelph), Richard Leveille (CSA), Marc Boucher (MI), Gordon Osinski (CSA), Richard Giroux (CSA). On the ground left to right. Stephen Braham (SFU), John Ferris, Alain Berinstain (CSA), Jean-Marc Comtois (CSA Doctor), Matt Bamsey (CSA).

The greenhouse is closed, running in autonomous mode.

The new airlock for the greenhouse.

Propane bottles stand ready for heating when necessary.

The back porch of the greenhouse with batteries secured for the long winter.

In the foreground trays ready for the spring growth. In the background the current growth.

The greenhouse interior after all its upgrades.

Another view of the upgraded greenhouse.

One of two interior webcam views. Each day a new picture is taken and sent back to researchers.

The other interior webcam focusing on the growth trays. There is also an exterior webcam looking at the greenhouse.

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