NASA Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Hurricane Katrina Internal Update Teleconference Notes 11am EDT 3 Sep 2005

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Saturday, September 3, 2005

HQ EOC update:

  • Wants to make the EOC teleconferences shorter and more to the point of status updates at Stennis and Michoud and what are their current needs
  • Parsons is going to relocate to MSFC's EOC tomorrow and then will be at Stennis EOC Monday and whenever needed. Clint Herbert will be the point person at HQ EOC
  • Administrator Griffin and a few key others from HQ (and others) may come to Stennis and Michoud Wednesday via helicopter

Stennis status:

  • Medical rotation set up through next Friday
  • Stennis PAO Linda Theobold is in place so MSFC doesn't need to sent a person
  • Stennis needs an EAP person Have one but need more for the rotation
  • More blue weather tarps
  • Simple clothing, like T-shirts, stretch shorts and socks, laundry bags for about 200 people
  • Cots about 200 (Parsons suggested punchaliners, military style might be helpful
  • Points of contact for office space at other centers for Stennis employees
  • Stennis is closing down as a refugee center as of Tuesday and they'll need buses from JSC to help move people to Shreveport
  • Stennis has heard from 35% of Stennis employees and 25% of them are homeless, but they think that percentage will go up

Michoud status:

  • Continue working on repairs Generator is up and power is being restored to
  • Bellsouth gave a heads up that land phone lines may deteriorate in the near future
  • There are concerns about trucks delivering supplies getting fuel to get back
  • Need administrative support for phones
  • Would like a daily truck with potable water daily from Stennis to help with repair efforts (Parsons says he will work it Monday)

Aircraft Operations:

  • We're not going to use our helicopter for security patrols, just logistics
  • KSC is going to release some of its hydrogen for the steel industry since the largest supply of stored hydrogen is located in the gulf coast and is not available now

Center EOC status:


  • EOC has a list of supplies requested and a flight will leave tomorrow
  • A satellite system is on its way to Stennis. It needs to be moved to Michoud.
  • They're still working on trying to locate people
  • HQ EOC needs to add to the ECO web site that people should call the 877 number to check in
  • HQ EOC says another 15,000 gallons of diesel fuel will be delivered to Stennis Tuesday

CMO (Chief Medical Officer)

  • Working to get two nurses and another doctor to Stennis by tomorrow

Starting today, there will only be one EOC teleconference daily at 11a EDT (normal "offline" tagups will continue and increase)

HQ EOC will operate Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10a 5p EDT, unless events warrant different hours

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