NASA Internal Memo: Message from the Administrator: Project Management Information Improvement

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Wednesday, September 21, 2005

MESSAGE FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR: Project Management Information Improvement

To ensure sound financial and program management, which is critical to NASA's mission success, the agency's Integrated Enterprise Management Program has initiated the Project Management Information Improvement (PMII) project. This vitally important project is designed to improve how we manage project information by aligning NASA's many technical and financial work breakdown structures into a single data management structure. PMII Phase I will introduce a new coding system for NASA's budget structure. NASA is implementing Phase I at the start of FY 2006 in order to execute the FY 2006 budget.

PMII will affect every NASA employee, from budget distribution personnel responsible for distributing funds under the new coding structure, to project engineers who will be setting up project work breakdown structures to align with the new coding structure, to program and mission personnel who will be generating reports on project costs, to all employees who will be charging their work hours to new codes on time and attendance reports. Therefore, successful implementation of PMII will require each of you to understand your responsibilities and do your part to help make PMII successful.

With less than six weeks before Phase I of PMII is implemented, I am asking you to:

Familiarize yourself with PMII by reviewing PMII information on your center's Web site and the PMII Web site at

Attend communication events and the training courses on PMII that your center is offering and take advantage of the Web-based courses available on SOLAR (Site for Online Learning and Resources) at

Know who your center points of contact are for obtaining information about PMII.

Assist your co-workers in understanding PMII. Ensure that you understand the new coding structure that you will be using for charging your time and project activities.

Most importantly, we ask that you accept the changes resulting from the implementation of PMII, recognizing that improved financial management will make NASA better able to manage and account for its resources. With your cooperation, we can make PMII a success and improve NASA's financial and program management. If you have additional questions, please contact your center's PMII representatives. At Langley, the representative is Amy Radford, ext. 46081,

Mike Griffin

NASA Administrator

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