NASA Quest Spacewardbound Field Report: June 30, 2006: Trip Home

Status Report From: Ames Research Center
Posted: Saturday, July 15, 2006

By: Matt Allner

Waking up from a good night sleep in a regular bed made me realize how much I actually enjoyed my Thermarest mat and mummy bag on the hard desert terrain Took a nice long, hot shower and put on clean clothes for the final drive to Santiago, as our flight home is at 9pm tonight.

With no scheduled sampling stops, Rosalba couldn't resist as we caught her sampling near a palm tree at one of the Copec gas stations along the way

Driving along the coast my surfing instincts took over and I switched to surf-monitoring mode, as a nice S-SE swell was kicking up clean 6-8 foot waves up and down the coast Liza decided my multi-tasking as driver and wave patrol wasn't such a good idea so we stopped for lunch and gas, giving us all time to enjoy the beach and the great waves!

beach on the way to Santiago Chile

Almost to the airport, the energy level inside the car is quickly rising, as we are all getting excited to get back to our loved ones We hope to be able to buy a few last minute gifts before we leave this wonderful country This experience has changed us all - professionally, culturally, linguistically, personally, and mechanically (we all passed Tire Repair 101) Thank you NASA for this awesome experience and opportunity. We all look forward to taking our experiences back to the classroom, while also continuing to collaborate with each other in the future

farewell dinner in Antofagasta

checking in at airport

// end //

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