Mars Institute HMP Research Station Update for July 17, 2006

Status Report From: Mars Institute
Posted: Monday, July 17, 2006


The weather cooperated just enough yesterday so that we could get one Twin Otter flight to the HMP Research Station (RS). Onboard were Brian Glass (NASA), Kris Zacny (Honeybee), Shannon Statham (Georgia Tech), Alex Spadoni (Georgia Tech), Patrick Audlaluk (Grise Fiord) and Tom Kiguktak (Grise Fiord).

Today the The Drilling Automation for Mars Exploration (DAME) team will get their project started in earnest. The Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse team is past just past the midway point in their field season and we'll have a report available tomorrow on their activities.

There are currently 39 people at the HMP Research Station.

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