Are We Alone? SETI Institute Science Radio: 2 August 2006 Edition: Skeptical Sunday: Meet a Psychic

Status Report From: SETI Institute
Posted: Sunday, July 30, 2006


Are We Alone? SETI Institute Science Radio

Hosted by Dr. Seth Shostak

August 2, 2006 (available for download August 3, 2006) Skeptical Sunday: Meet a Psychic

Are psychics born .. or made? Do self-professed clairvoyants actually have powers that defy the known laws of physics? We'll meet a young man who calls himself a "reluctant psychic," find out what powers he claims to have, and why he looks down his nose at crystal-ball wielding fortune-tellers. Also, why the future looks bright for marketing psychic books and mind-readings.

Also, whether the plan to nudge Earth from its current orbit could help counter global warming, and our Hollywood skeptic raises an eyebrow at energy healers. Plus, are aliens falling to earth drop by drop? The phenomenon of red rain.


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