NASA Internal Email from Associate Administrator Rex Geveden Re: Mission Focus Review

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Friday, October 6, 2006

From: Geveden, Rex (HQ-AI000)
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 7:52 AM
To: Aguilar, Kenny E. (GRC-C000); Arbuthnot, Richard E. (NSSC-XA000); Chase, Brian E. (HQ-NC000); Cleave, Mary (HQ-DA000); Coats, Michael (JSC-AA); Dominguez, Olga M. (HQ-LD000); Elachi, Charles (JPL-1000)[JPL]; German, Bobby (HQ-OA000); Gerstenmaier, William H. (HQ-CA000); Gilbrech, Richard J. (SSC-AA00); Hairston, John M. (GRC-X000); Hopkins, Robert (HQ-AB000); Horowitz, Scott J. (HQ-BA000); Jezierski, Jeffrey T. (HQ-AA000); Kennedy, James W. (KSC); King, David A. (MSFC-DA01); Luedtke, Tom (HQ-LH000); McManus, John W. (HQ-JA000); Mould, David R. (HQ-NA000); OBrien, Michael F. (HQ-ND000); Oconnor, Bryan (HQ-GA000); Pace, Scott (HQ-FA000); Petersen, Kevin L. (DFRC-X); Porter, Lisa (HQ-EA000); Roe, Lesa B. (LARC-A); Saleeba, David A. (HQ-LG000); Scales, Charles H. (HQ-AA000); Sterner, Eric R. (HQ-AB000); Sykes, Gwendolyn (HQ-IA000); Whitlow, Woodrow (GRC-A000); Wholley, Michael C. (HQ-MA000); Weiler, Edward J. (GSFC-100.0); Williams, Richard S. (HQ-QA000); Worden, Simon P. (ARC-D); Yadvish, John R. (HQ-BF015); Dawsey, Toni (HQ-LE000); Delgado, Glenn A. (HQ-IA000)

Cc: Griffin, Michael D. (HQ-AA000); Dale, Shana (HQ-AB000); Morrell, Paul (HQ-AA000); Parsons, William W. (KSC); Bowie, Terry (HQ-IA000); Cobb, Robert W. (HQ-WAH10); Keegan, Richard J. (HQ-RA000); Johnson, Christyl (HQ-AI000); Salute, Joan S. (HQ-RA000); Abreu, Michael (HQ-FG000); Acosta, Dean (HQ-NB000); Alston, Bernice (HQ-HD000); Austill, Janet M. (SSC-AA00); Baker, Pamela R. (JSC-IS); Balinskas, James A. (HQ-LI000); Box, Larry (HQ-AH000); Bradford, Karen C. (ARC-D); Burg, Shirley J. (ARC-D); Burnett, Kia (HQ-AA000); Christensen, Marvin R. (ARC-D); Christian, Jose (JSC-AG11); Coates, Vanessa D. (HQ-AH000); Condes, Albert (HQ-ND000); Cooke, Douglas (HQ-BA000); Culver, Cecelia D. (MSFC-CS01); Desilvestre, Ingrid E. (ARC-D); Ellis, Patricia A. (GSFC-100.0); Erickson, Kristen (HQ-NC000); Evans, Karen W. (LARC-A); Fenn, Susan C. (HQ-BA000); Fenner, Bridget L. (HQ-AH000); Frederick, Dorothy Annette (HQ-LE000); Geddings, Peggy K. (MSFC-DE01); Ghee, LaDonna E. (HQ-NC000); Gish, Randy K. (JSC-AC); Grimes, Teresa K. (HQ-NB000); Gross, Sue (KSC); Hall, Gina S. (HQ-AH000); ; Hirshman, Linda M. (GSFC-403.0); Hellman, Linda S. (ARC-D): Hoover, Jill B. (HQ-AA000); Jacobs, Bob (HQ-NB020); Jedrey, Christopher T. (HQ-LD000); Jones, Omega S. (HQ-LF000); Justice, Janice R. (KSC); Kennedy, Shawna (HQ-HA000); Malow, Deborah S. (GRC-A000); Manuel, Kathryn (HQ-AB000); Marucci, Susie (HQ-LH000); Maxwell, Brenda (HQ-JA000); Maynor, Debra K. (HQ-AH000); Mays, Carol (HQ-AA000); Moore, Maureen M. (HQ-KC000); Navy, Lisa A. (JSC-AA); Oneal, Patricia Y. (LARC-A); Parish, Linda S. (HQ-AH000); Pengra, Trish (HQ-FA000); Peterson, Christine (HQ-NF000); Pillay, Sasi K. (GRC-V000); Potter, JuliAnna (HQ-AA000); Randolph, LaVerne F. (HQ-LA000); Reynolds, Rayseen I. (HQ-AI000); Ross, Howard (HQ-FB000); Salvo, Mary A. (GRC-VC00); Sefton, Keith Thomas (HQ-MA000); Shank, Christopher M. (HQ-AA000); Shin, Jaiwon (HQ-EA000); Simms, Doreen J. (HQ-PA000); Slade, Kathy E. (NSSC-XA000); Smith, Beth B. (KSC); Spears, Della (HQ-BA000); Stewart, Denise J. (HQ-BA000); Stites, Mary F. (HQ-LD000); Sweeney, Marvalyn J. (HQ-AA000); Thigpen, Margot R. (MSFC-DA01); Trujillo, Marjorie M. (GRC-A000); Vemmer, Cynthia A. (MSFC-RS01); Wallace, Michelle L. (HQ-FA000); Wijdoogen, Theresia T. (HQ-GA000); Yates, Darlene Y. (HQ-OA000); Zornetzer, Steven F. (ARC-D); Braxton, Latrina Y. (HQ-FB000)

Subject: Mission Focus Review

Dear Colleagues,

At the Strategic Management Council held Aug 23, I announced the formation of a small team to conduct a Mission Focus Review (MFR) to look broadly across the Agency to identify resources that can be redeployed to more directly support our missions. As a point of philosophy, this is not another exercise about doing more with less, although I am interested in operational efficiencies. Rather, this is an exercise about doing less--about literally no longer doing those things that do not contribute to our missions.

As Agency leaders, I am requesting your ideas of activities that you believe we can eliminate or reduce without negative consequence to our missions. In thinking about this, I would ask you to broadly consider all possibilities, even those things that are longstanding traditions. I am specifically requesting that you nominate five or more activities to be considered for elimination or reduction. This is not limited to the institution. It includes programs, projects, contracted activities, and institutional functions.

If you have already undertaken reductions or eliminations that you believe could be applied Agency-wide, please include them, with brief notes about the success or impact of the action.

Centers, please designate a Center Point of Contact for this team to work through for periodic data calls over the next three months. We will attempt to minimize data calls, but your cooperation will be necessary for the success of this activity.

Official hard copy of this email will follow. Consider this an initiation of my request to you, and reply to me by October 6th. Copy Joan Salute, MFR Team Lead ( on your submission, and also inform her of Center points of contact. You may be called or visited by a member of the Mission Focus Review team in early October to follow up on your suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your contributions to this effort.

Sincerely, Rex

Rex D. Geveden
Associate Administrator
NASA HQ (ofc) (cell) (fax)

// end //

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