Crater on Mars Named After Astrobiologist Gerald Soffen

Status Report From: USGS Astrogeology
Posted: Thursday, November 23, 2006


Image: Carl Sagan and Gerry Soffen sharing their passion for Mars. Photo Credit Hans-Peter Biemann

Editor's note: The USGS recently announced the names of 31 craters on the planet Mars. Among them is a crater name in honor of the late NASA astrobiologist Gerrald (Gerry) Soffen.

Names Approved for 31 Craters on Mars [Source: USGS Astrogeology Hot Topics]

The following names for 31 craters on Mars have been approved by the IAU: Ada, Alamos, Beruri, Bopolu, Cefalù, Chupadero, Dulovo, Elorza, Grindavik, Hargraves, Hashir, Iazu, Jörn, Kontum, Lismore, Makhambet, Martin, Mazamba, Nakusp, Ohara, Pebas, Runanga, Sefadu, Shardi, Soffen, Taytay, Uzer, Woking, Xainza, Yalgoo, and Zarand. For more information about these names, see the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature.

P  SA  Name    CLAT    CLON    SLAT    ELAT    SLON    ELON  DIAM   CT  ET   QUAD  MAP    AS     AD    REF  FT     Origin

M  M   Soffen  23.7S  219.2W   23.2S   24.2S  218.7W  219.8W  60.1  NA  US  MC-23 I-2578  5  2006-09-14  0  AA  Gerald A.; American astrobiologist (1926-2000).
M  ME  Soffen  23.5S  140.8E   23.0S   24.0S  141.3E  140.2E  60.1  NA  US  MC-23 I-2578  5  2006-09-14  0  AA  Gerald A.; American astrobiologist (1926-2000).

A Celebration of the Life of Dr. Gerald A. Soffen, NASA Academy

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