NASA MSFC Solicitation: Ares 1 Upper Stage Production

Status Report From: Marshall Space Flight Center
Posted: Friday, February 23, 2007

image Ares 1 Upper Statge Production NASA MSFC Solicitation: Ares I Upper Stage Production

Solicitation 01 (all files)

Preproposal Overview Session

NASA will conduct a single overview session with Industry on March 6, 2007. This session will be held with the declared Upper Stage Production potential Prime Contractor Teams who previously responded to the Notice of Intent and also attended the one-on-ones at the presolicitation conference. Industry participation shall be limited to five persons per team. The content of this session is for the Government to present a demonstration of the cost volume spreadsheets. Any questions and answers will be processed as stated in the Final RFP. If there are an additional charts or written information provided at the session they will be consistent with the RFP and will be posted to the NAIS website. The Government will provide the specific time and location to the Industry teams who attended the presolicitation one-on-one sessions and will also require an attendance list on or before February 27, 2006.

Attendance at the Preproposal Overview Session is recommended; however, attendance is neither required nor a prerequisite for proposal submission and will not be considered in the evaluation.

Schedule Update

The Final RFP is anticipated to be released on or about February 23, 2007. The Government will also release an internal "blackout" letter to personnel at that time. Proposal due dates are not anticipated to change from the information previously supplied in the Draft RFP.


Upper Stage Element Milestones

Upper Stage Element Milestones -Date

  • Upper Stage PDR - May 2008
  • Upper Stage CDR - November 2009
  • MPTA Test Activation - September 2010
  • Upper Stage GVT Test Activation November 2011
  • Ares 2 Mission - September 2012
  • Upper Stage DCR - December 2012
  • Orion 3 Mission - March 2013
  • Orion 4 Mission (IOC) - October 2013
  • Orion 5 Mission - March 2014
  • Orion 6 Mission - September 2014
  • Orion 7 Mission - March 2015
  • Orion 8 Mission - September 2015
  • Orion 9 Mission - March 2016
  • Orion 10 Mission - September 2016

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