NASA Earth Observatory: What's New - Week of 07 August 2007

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Wednesday, August 8, 2007


The latest from NASA's Earth Observatory (07 August 2007)

In the News:

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* NASA News

  • NASA Helps Texas Respond to Flooding
  • Nation's Most Active Wildfires Rage in Montana

* Media Alerts

  • Space-Borne Sensors Help Africa Tackle Water Shortage Problems
  • Forecasting System Provides Flood Warnings to Bangladesh
  • Plate Motion Reversal Unlikely To Have Eased Seismic Strain
  • Pollution, Warming Trends to Jeopardize Asian Water Supplies
  • Alaskan Earthquake Set Off Vancouver Island Tremors
  • Climate Change Threatens Siberian Forests

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

  • Thailand to Launch Environment Satellite in November
  • European Heat Waves 'Have Doubled'
  • Shrinking Lake Superior Also Heating Up
  • Forecaster Lowers 2007 Hurricane Outlook
  • Surface Warming and the Solar Cycle
  • 'Sunshade' for Global Warming Could Cause Drought
  • Alaskan Earthquake in 2002 Set Off Tremors on Vancouver Island
  • Early Springs Show Siberia is Warming Fast
  • Asia's Brown Clouds 'Warm Planet'
  • Rare Fossilized Cypress Trees Found in Hungary
  • Supercomputer Makes Near-Instant Movies of California Quakes

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