NASA STS-118 Execute Package FD04

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2007


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Good Morning Endeavour!

What a great day you had yesterday, first with the docking and then the S5 transfer! From down here the entire day looked "picture perfect"! Don't forget to enjoy your time docked to station!

As we mentioned to you yesterday, we are planning to perform Focused Inspection on FD5.

You will be happy to know that SSPTS is performing beautifully. Power transfer is right on predicts, putting us right on track for a 14+2 day mission. As we discussed pre-launch, we will be waiting a bit longer for engineering evaluations to be completed before officially stepping up to the extra days.

We are ready to support your EVA today!


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The following procedure should be followed on MCC "Go" to perform a sneakernet transfer of execute package messages from the ISS SSCs to the Shuttle PGSCs. During the docked timeframe, the Shuttle Ku coverage is very limited in the hours before crew wakeup due to ISS blockage. The Shuttle OCA OFFICER will uplink the Shuttle execute package to a Shuttle PCMCIA card (inserted into an ISS SSC) and you (shuttle crew) will move the PCMCIA card to a Shuttle PGSC in the morning and run a batch file to copy the execute package files to their standard location on the KFX PGSC.

Prior to Sleep,

1. Insert a Shuttle "Late Update" PCMCIA card into an ISS SSC (SSC 4 or 6 should be fine, but coordinate with the ISS crew).

2. Verify that KFX is running on that SSC.

3. Inform the MCC which SSC was used.

During sleep, The MCC will uplink the execute package files to the PCMCIA card in the SSC

At Wakeup,

1. Remove the "Late Update" PCMCIA card from the SSC in the ISS

2. Insert the "Late Update" PCMCIA card into the KFX PGSC in the Shuttle

3. On the KFX PGSC Desktop, double click the "DistributeShuttleUplink.bat" icon. This will copy all of the files from the PCMCIA card to the correct folders on the KFX PGSC.

4. On the KFX Desktop, double click the "Ex Pkg # 2" shortcut to initiate the printing of the messages.

// end //

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