NASA Earth Observatory: What's New Week of 14 August 2007

Status Report From: NASA's Earth Observatory
Posted: Wednesday, August 15, 2007


In the News:

* Latest Images:

Hurricane Flossie

Raging Fires in Idaho and Montana

Polar Mesospheric Clouds

Summer on Lake Superior

Urbanization of the Pearl River Delta

Topography of Western Algeria

Monsoon Floods Inundate Eastern India

Pacific Sea Surface Temperature

* Media Alerts

  • Climate Change, Permafrost Thaw Alter Emissions
  • Indo-Pacific Reefs Disappearing Rapidly

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

  • Australian Airborne Pollution Heading to New Zealand
  • Frequent Hurricanes Decimate Sea Turtle Beaches
  • Scientists Try New Ways to Predict Climate Risks
  • Soot 'Influences Arctic Climate'
  • Study: Cities Make Storms More Fierce
  • Scientists Predict Surge in Global Warming After 2009
  • Glaciers Wasting Away on Mexico's Legendary Peaks
  • Scientists Examine African Dust Link to Hurricanes
  • Analysts See ‘Simply Incredible’ Shrinking of Floating Ice in the Arctic
  • 'Sunshade' for Global Warming Could Cause Drought
  • Government Lowers 2007 Hurricane Forecast
  • A Clearer Picture of Global Warming
  • Purple Snail May Be Climate Change Casualty
  • Swifter Decline for Coral Reefs
  • Early 2007 Saw Record-Breaking Extreme Weather: U.N.

* New Research Highlights

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